Digniti App soon available for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux

Dignity Evolution in Tech

We make Digital Society that puts
Human Rights first.

Everything requires secure space.


Digital ownership & safety.

Everything that happens in Digniti App is fully encrypted and only you have the key. Nothing can be done without your permission.


Privacy as a base.

Digniti doesn’t know who you talk to, doesn’t see the data you store and share.



Space designed to return you total control over your data and your digital life.

Simple & transparent.

Digniti app is designed on 3NWeb protocols which are free for everyone. GDPR & HIPAA compliant.

Powerful tools. For you and your business.

More than just secure messaging.

Talk with friends, organize events and share other things. Serve your clients in private deal rooms on your own terms.


One place for every day routine.

Organize things-to-do at the moment they pop into your head. Get everyone around you in-sync with events & tasks.


The future of mobile payments.

Initiate borderless payments with ease. Send or request money on your terms direct to your payment account.


Cloud that you own and control.

Store and synchronize all your data in fully-encrypted Digniti clouds. You are the only owner of your assets.


Healthy digital life. No middlemen.

No more long ambiguous privacy policies.
You simply own your digital life.

Digniti App soon available for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux